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Earrings made from Real Maine Birch Bark & sterling silver ear wires. Bark is coated in a thick resin to preserve it for years to come.

Available in several shapes, all of which are super light and comfortable!


Pentagon: Approximately 2.3" long x 1" wide

Diamond: Approximately 2" long x 1" wide

Oval: Approximately 1.3" long x 0.5" wide

Circle: Approximately 1" long x 0.5" wide

Rectangle: Approximately 2" long x 0.4" wide

Teardrop: Approximately 2" long x 0.8" wide

Available in Gold-fill $35

Birch Bark Dangle Earrings

  • In stock, ships out in 1-3 days.

  • Lotions, salt water, cleaning products & other chemicals can corrode metal - avoid contact or gently clean off with warm water, then dry.

    Store in bag/box provided & use jewelry polishing cloth to gently remove tarnish if needed. Do not use polishing cloth or any abrasive on resin, use eyeglass cleaning cloth to remove smudges.

100% recyclable packaging