2020 Recap

2020 certainly could have been better, but a year without physical events meant time to pursue some neat virtual things. Plus with your help I was able to donate to a few great charities and do some good while keeping myself afloat! Check out some of my favorite projects from 2020:

I crafted this copper mug for an exhibition at the Center for Maine Craft, only to have COVID hit and only be open for a short time.

I created this hand hammered and riveted copper fireplace hood and custom fit it for a home here in Maine.

I made this sterling silver fern and fiddlehead chalice for an exhibition at Maine Craft Portland, which was on display right in the front window on Congress street so everyone could see whether they wanted to go inside or not.

I handcrafted this 18k gold honeycomb inspired engagement ring for my now sister-in-law, and of course fell in love with it!

I found new natural objects that I was able to incorporate into some beautiful pieces, including these blue jay feathers and sea urchins.

And finally on the last day of every year, I tally up the profits from my Donation Lines, and donate a portion of those profits to my chosen charitable causes. This year I was able to donate to The Pollinator Partnership and the Ocean Conservancy!

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